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PURPLE ROUTE 5.5km (7,720 steps)

If you are starting the walk, we suggest you load common information from its QR code. If you have completed the route as far as the top of the Black Pad and are continuing on the purple route then please turn right up Forest Road past Sylvia Reid House and the ambulance station.

After 500 m, you will see a Costcutter convenience store on your left and a gated entrance with a Victorian house, 'The Lodge' on your right. The Lodge was one of the entrances to Carlton Hayes Hospital. The house next to the entrance is the old public toilets. Note the name of it: WC189.

Those who died at Carlton Hayes were buried in the Cemetery that you passed through earlier. This picture shows the hospital as it completed building around 1904. This is now a back entrance to the more recent Santander headquarters.

After a further 170m, the main road becomes Stewart Avenue which bends to the right. Instead continue to follow Forest road that goes straight ahead down the hill.

Walk a further 860m to the steps that lead up from Forest Road onto the embankment of the old, disused railway line, now a walking route called Whistle Way*. You will find the steps just after a steel bridge.

*Whistle Way is the route of a branch line that came off the existing Railway line south of Narborough carrying granite from Enderby Quarry. The line opened in 1890. There were three steam engines on the line called Gwen, Trottie and Jessie. The line was closed in the 1960s but the rails stayed in place being taken up as recently as 1984.

Whistle Way is now an attractive walk and known for its wildlife.

If it is not muddy and for a more adventurous route onto Whistle Way, leave Forest Road earlier, just 500m after Stewart Avenue, turning left onto Stainmore Avenue. Follow Stainmore Avenue through to Needwood Road and turn left, going to the end to Grizedale Grove.

Turn right and go along the grassy area next to the wooded embankment. If you search on the right you will find a clear access on the bank that will take you onto Whistle Way itself.

Whichever way you choose to join Whistle Way, you have a pleasant walk ahead of 1.6km from Grizedale Grove and a little more, of course, if you joined at Forest Road steps. Please turn towards Coventry Road and to the village.

As you reach the end of Whistle Way at the by-pass, you will turn left towards the village. We suggest you switch back to the common path description using the first QR code. This takes you back to your starting point at the top of Station Road.