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Response to Blaby District Council's Car Parking Consultation

Parish Council Members discussed the car parking consultation at the meeting held on 17th May 2022 and agreed the following points to be submitted as the Council's response:

  • We do not disagree with the concept that car parks should pay for themselves and users rather than local residents should bear the costs. Parish Councils should not be expected to take them over to relieve the burden on the District Council.
  • "One size fits all" is not a good policy. Variation should be incorporated where there are good reasons.
  • Narborough is different from other villages. It has a station with a footfall of 400,000 plus commuters coming through the Parish, with Blaby District Council encouraging more. This causes issues for residents, businesses and traffic management.
  • There are opportunities to promote better approaches although we recognise there is no panacea.
  • There is a lack of information, particularly financial. It would be informative to know what proportion of income comes from "short stays" of under one hour. The feedback from residents via social media is that they need a free/inexpensive short stay option to encourage them to support local businesses, with the risk that their support may be withdrawn if parking charges go beyond what is considered acceptable. Many would not be prepared to add £1.00 for parking to the cost of a small shop and are therefore likely to shop elsewhere which will damage local businesses.
  • A "free" short stay may be a solution, with the next few bands being increased to compensate.
  • Whilst an annual season ticket seems good value for money, it is still a lot to pay out in one go. A solution may be short term value deals for all day parking which recognise not everyone travels to work 5 days a week.
  • If station parking costs rise, side street parking will increase and this is already a problem in many parts of the Parish.

Blaby District Council's Press Release is also attached for information.

Posted: Tue, 24 May 2022 15:29 by Julie Whitehouse

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